What is a GreenAgent(TM) ?

As an Accredited Greenagent™, I help buyers and sellers save money while living in harmony with nature.

I help buyers to know about the:
- energy-efficient features that keep home operating costs down, and
- conservation opportunities that will improve their home comfort.

I help sellers to know about the:
- energy and cost-saving features buyers will value, and
- energy-efficiency upgrades that can improve resale marketability

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I have specialized knowledge and awareness of Greenrealestate™ building principles applied in residential, commercial projects, developments and communities, so I can list, market and manage green properties as well as guide buyers in purchasing and leasing green homes and buildings.

I am an advocate in spreading the Greenrealestate™ philosophy and hope to be a positive force in creating sustainable and energy efficient residential, commercial and industrial communities.

As an Accredited Greenagent™, I promote practices and products in real estate that:
- Preserve natural resources,
- Protect air and water quality,
- Produce less toxic pollution and waste,
- Utilize readily renewable resources,
- Utilize recycled or reclaimed materials,
- Promote Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency,
- Promote Environmental awareness,
- Reduce Green House gas Emissions
- Reduce annual energy costs,
- Promote good design and quality,
- Reduce construction associated waste
- Minimize the use of toxic materials to reduce the emission of poisonous indoor emissions,
- Use adaptable materials that can be reused or recycled.
- Help leave the world a better place for future generations

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